Right PLACE, Right TIME

Right PLACE, Right TIME
IN the right PLACE, AT the right TIME…

IN the right PLACE, AT the right TIME… What am I talking about? Langauge used in English to confirm a meeting? No…  I’m talking about ‘Propositions’… They are otfen the little words that we use, ‘IN – ON – AT’, (plus many others), and specifically in this post, prepositions of ‘PLACE and ‘TIME’. They unfortunately often cause problems because, although French and English use similar propositions we don’t use the same preposition in the same way or in the same situations.

French and English use similar propositions, but, we don’t use the same preposition in the same way or in the same situations.

How do I know which prepostion to use?

I’m sorry but there aren’t any easy solutions to this problem. It’s something you have the remember.

I have created an interactive, quick reference guide that hopefully will help you.

Prepositions of TIME
Prepositions of PLACE

IN - ON - AT



We use it for...
Centuries : In the 1900’s
Decades : In the 90’s
Years : In 1990, 2010, 2022
Months : In March, In August
Weeks : In 5 weeks
Seasons : In Spring, In Summer
Periods of time : In the past, In the future
Holidays : In the summer holidays
Parts of the day : In the morning, In the evening

More specific

We use it for...

Holidays with ‘DAY’ : On Easter Day, On Christmas Day
Days of the week : On Monday
Dates : On April 10th / On 14th July
Specific Days : On my Birthday
Day + Part of day : On Sunday morning


Very specific

We use it for...

Hours / Time : At 9 am / At 6 pm
Parts of day : At precisely midnight
Weekend : At the weekend
Holidays without ‘Day’ : At Christmas



We use it for...
Countries : France, England
Cities : Paris, London
Neighbourhood : Versailles, Wimbledon
Enclosed spaces : A car, A plane


We use it for...

Streets : On Rue General de Gaulle
Avenues : On the Champs-Élysées
Surfaces : On the floor
Means of Transport : On a bus / On a plane
Communications : On the radio / On the TV / On the internet



We use it for...

Addresses : At English - why not! Clistivan, La Chapelle Neuve
Specific locations : At the station / At the airport

Now it's your turn.

Now it’s your turn to test your knowledge. Challenge yourself in this multiple choice quiz. There are 20 questions. How many can you answer correctly? Good luck…


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