Printemps dans le jardin

Printemps dans le jardin

I think we can definitely say that ‘Spring’ has arrived. At the moment the garden is demanding much more of my time. That said, it is a wonderful time of year. All the new leaves and blossom appearing on the trees. Bursts of new growth and the prospect of warmer sunnier days.

I was cutting the grass last week and I was thinking about all the words I knew in French for the things around me. So, I thought it would be a good idea to create a short quiz.

What's in your garden?

What do you have in your garden? Can you see any of the same things? Test your vocabulary knowledge:

INSTRUCTIONS : Regardez les photos et la liste des mots. Simplement glissez un mot sur une photo et cliquez sur « CHECK » lorsque vous pensez avoir les bonnes réponses. Bon courage…

Tell me about your garden

Do you like gardening? What type of plants or wildlife do you have in your garden? If you’d like to share your thoughts or send me some images of your garden, why not write a few lines in the comments section below oe even upload a photo. I look forward to hear from you.


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