A Company Profile

A Company Profile

What do you say when you talk about your company? How do you talk about the products or services? Do you have some standard words and phrases you use? Here I’m going to look at some useful vocabulary and phrases that you might need and then create a script that you can use to talk about your business.

Talking about your company.

Company facts

What do you know about these companies? Hold your cursor over the photos to see the company name. Can you match the images to the descriptions?

INSTRUCTIONS : Placez le curseur sur la photo pour voir le nom de l’entreprise. Lisez le texte, puis faites glisser la photo sur le texte lorsque vous pensez connaître la réponse. Cliquez « CHECK » lorsque vous pensez avoir les bonnes réponses.

Let's look at some vocabulary

In the texts above I have highlighted in red, some commonly used vocabulary to talk about companies. In this exercise I would like you to match the words to the definition.

Use the company descriptions to help you complete the answers and drag the words into the boxes to complete the sentences. Click ‘CHECK’ when you think you have the correct answers.

Practice saying the words

To help you with your pronunciation I have recorded the vocabualry. Before you listen I have 2 questions:




How many SYLLABLES? Where is the MAIN STRESS in the word?

  1. Guess how many ‘SYLLABLES’ there are in the word? (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  2. Where is the ‘MAIN STRESS’ in the word?
  3. Click on the button to hear the pronunciation. Were you correct?

Complete the text

The text below talks about a local business. Using the vocabulary fill in the gaps with an appropriate word.

Before you complete the exercise please read the ‘Grammar Point’

Grammar Point

Talk about your company

What can you say about your company? What does it provide or produce? Add your comments below or send me a private message with your ideas of a ‘Company Profile’ for your business. I look forward to hear from you.


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