Our clients love our teaching and adore our food. By popular demand we’ve added various recipes for you to download. We hope you enjoy making them as much as we do. Enjoy…. Click on an image to download a Pdf file.

Hungarian Goulash Indian lamb with an almond sauce Chocolate Brownies
Hungarian Goulash Indian Lamb with an Almond Sauce Delicious Chocolate Brownies
Chicken with almonds & sultanas Fish pie Chilli for a crowd
Chicken with almonds & sultanas

"A wonderful Indian chicken curry receipe. One of our favourites."
Fish pie

"A wonderful rich tasting pie. Easy to make and great on its own or with vegtables"
Chilli for a crowd

"If you love chilli, you'll love this. Packed with flavour and a richness that really makes you want more."
Hungarian Goulash Chicken with tomatoes
Rich Herbed beef casserole

Chicken with tomatoes

"An easy chicken curry for beginners. Great flavours"